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These images are from my trip to Cuba in 2009 and 2012. These images form part of my ongoing project on Cuba and it's citizens from 2006 until 2012.
Havana: Call CentreTrinidad: Woman & DogHavana: Small Car and CitizensTrinidad: Horse & CowboyHavana: Boy in Decaying BuildingHavana: Beauty in Decaying buildingHavana: Girl & Doll back streetsHavana: Morning Commuters"Rafael Trejo" "Havana boxing gym" "Social documentary" "boxer training" "Remedios: Cuban Man and His Mexican Hairless DogHavana: Spring in HavanaRemedios: Sundown on the edge of Town"Rafael Trejo" "Havana boxing gym" "Social documentary" "boxer training" "Havana: Man & Boys at the MaleconSanti Spiritus: DecoratorsCeinfuegos: Girl En Route to PartyHavana: Barber shop and waiting customerCeinfuegos: Shadowlands at street cornerRemedios: Residents of OAP HomeRemedios: Las Parrandas de Remedios fireworks