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These images are from my trip to Cuba in 2008. These images form part of my ongoing project on Cuba and it's citizens from 2006 until 2012.
Remedios "Housebound Woman" Cuba "social documentary" "street photography"Gamaguey, Railway Junction En-Route "Cuban street photography" "street photography"Havana "Cuban street photography" "street photography" youth youths "American influence"Cuba Cuban Trinidad "street photography" "social documentary" "rocking chair" "old lady"Havana Cuba Cuban boy "street photography" "social documentary" "derelict home"Havana Cuba "Cuban woman and baby" "street life" "street photography" "social documentary" "street life" "social documentary"Trinidad "elderly man" "social documentary" "rocking chair" "black and white"  "Cuban street photography" "street photography"Havana Cuba "social documentary" "street photography" "street businesses" "Cuban streets"Havana "Bike Taxi" "Camel bus" bus "street photography" "social documentary" Cuban road roadsHavana Cuban "half dressed" "Cuban street photography" apartment "street photography"Havana rain kids Cuba Cuban "street photography" "social documentary" "award winning" "black and white"Havana, blossom, "American car" bonnet, "street photography"Havana, Cuban, boxer, "Rafael Trejo" "boxing gym" "Cuba Street Havana" "street photography" "Cuban street photography"Cuba, BarbershopHavana, Malacon BoysHavana baseball youth hospital "street photography"Remedios, Cuba, Dominoes, "social documentary"Havana, "social documentary" "man shaving" "rocking chair" Cuban CubaGamaguey, "Street Baseball" "Cuban street photography" "street photography" "social documentary" "street games"Remedios, "Girls Skipping" Cuba Cuban "Cuban street photography" "street photography"